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PPE sanitization is a crucial process involving the cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used during rescue operations. This PPE includes helmets, masks, protective suits, gloves and other devices worn by rescuers to protect themselves from physical hazards and contamination during emergency situations.

The PPE sanitization process involves several steps, including removal of debris, cleaning with specific detergents, disinfection, and checking the condition of PPE. This process should be performed by trained personnel and with the use of appropriate equipment.

To ensure that PPE sanitization is carried out accurately and in accordance with guidelines, it is advisable to rely on experienced professionals. Sicor designs, manufactures and markets mobile laundry units used for washing, drying and sanitizing PPE.
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Ticket Clean ®

Internally, Sicor also has a division called Ticket Clean® that deals with the washing and drying of PPE, used by the client company's personnel. The service is performed by professional laundries and/or dry cleaners with whom special agreements have been entered into, the purpose of which is to provide the service. 

Ticket Clean®, in cooperation with the client company and the manufacturer of the PPE in use and to be treated, will evaluate the washing and drying methods in terms of both washing frequencies and relative unit cost. 

Ticket Clean® will deliver a list of contracted laundries and issue and sell vouchers to the client company, which in turn will deliver them to its employees. The employee of the client company will deliver his or her garment to be processed to the contracted laundry of his or her choice, and the laundry will perform the service against delivery of the voucher. Upon receipt of the voucher, Ticket Clean® will pay the laundry the face value of the voucher without retaining any commission for itself so as not to burden the laundry's performance.

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Sicor Sanitizers PPE sanitization cabinets klenz

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