Technical rescue

The risks of technical rescue

Risk prediction and prevention, relief of affected populations, countering and overcoming emergencies, and risk mitigation are the civil protection activities identified by Law No. 225/92, which established the National Service. The main objectives of technical relief-which the Department directs, promotes and coordinates in cooperation with regional governments and local autonomies-are to protect people and safeguard the territory in case of earthquakes, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions or fires.

Forecasting activities-performed with the help of competent scientific and technical entities-are aimed at assessing risk scenarios and, when possible, predicting, monitoring, supervising, and policing expected events and risk levels.

According to Legislative Decree 81 of 2008, among the personal protective equipment of civil protection, a helmet cannot be missing because, whether dealing with an earthquake, flood or landslide, there is always the risk that the disruption created could lead to heavy objects falling from above. This is why Sicor has introduced a functional and ergonomic helmet with special stiffening ribs.

civil protection

The right balance of protection

Lightness and ventilation
Mechanical strength
Availability of accessories

* Impacts - punctures - crushing.

The optimal protection for technical rescue

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