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The firefighting industry: firefighters

The National Fire Brigade Corps is an operational and administrative extension of the Department of Fire, Public Rescue and Civil Defense of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Italy, through which the institutional tasks prescribed by law are carried out.

The responsibilities of firefighters (also known generically as firefighters from the French word "sapeurs-pompiers") include essentially fire prevention and firefighting, but are often expanded to include search and rescue, civil defense, and protection of historical, artistic, and cultural property, depending on the context in which they operate.
Firefighters, due to the particular type of work activity, are continuously exposed to various risks. Within the framework of their firefighting task, four particular groups of risks have been defined according to the intervention carried out, namely those arising from heat, those arising from smoke, those that are a consequence of the characteristics of the places involved, and, finally, those that are a consequence of the typical load of the activity carried out.
Through 30 years of experience as manufacturers and suppliers to many fire departments, Sicor has developed one of the lightest and safest helmets in the Type B (full protection) category.
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The right balance of protection

Fire resistance
Radiant heat resistance
Mechanical strength
Electricity resistance

* Impacts - punctures - crushing.

The optimal fire protection

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